GitHub profile as a Fast Track to IT jobs

GitHub is an established element in job application processes. You apply for an IT job? Either you included your Github profile name in your resume anyways or you will be asked for it. From this you can see that job interviews in IT are hard to imagine without GitHub these days.

What do recruiters look for in your GitHub profile?

Most recruiters scan more than 100 CV’s and GitHub profiles per day. You cannot expect them to spend too much time on each in the initial screening process that decides if your CV makes it to the next round. Based on CV and GitHub profile they decide whether you will be invited to an interview.

What recruiters screen for is the following:

  1. Do you have experience in the required programming languages?
  2. Do you have enough experience for the job?

If the first two boxes are checked, they will try to evaluate if what you said in your CV is true, first step for this is checking your Github profile for:

  1. Are there projects in the relevant programming languages?
  2. Is the applicant active in the community and acknowledged? (Shown by Readme section, number followers, stared projects, watchers of projects, forked projects)

As you can see, some things IT recruiters look for take longer to achieve, like learning a programming language, e.g. Other parts are quite fast to get, like followers, stars and watchers on GitHub.


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